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Hi everyone, thank you for reading Jump Start Coaching and Development Solutions blog! Today we are going to talk about WHAT a business plan is and how to not only develop your business plan but how to actually ACT on your business plan!

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There are three MAJOR points when it comes to writing a business plan.

The first step is to think about the ultimate goal of your business. Where you want your business to end up, whether it is to reach a certain number of sales, expanding to more locations, or to even eventually become a major corperation.

The next step is to write down what you want to achieve. Writing it down will give you something to look back at and measure your process from. Writing it down also lets the rest of the company know what the ultimate goals are and what everyone is working towards.

Now within writing your business plan, there are four more steps.

1) First, you will SEE your plan, this is the mental picture you have in your mind for your business.

2) Next, you will THINK about your plan. This step is actually putting your mental picture into words. This is also the step to introduce your plan to your PAC. (People Achieving Collectively- or the rest of your team members)

For here information on your PAC and how to build your self-confidence on your business plan click here.

3) You will SPEAK your plan. Talk about your plan to everyone involved. Talk about it to your family. The more you talk about it the more comfortable and confident you will feel.

4) Finally, you will WRITE your plan. Like we said before, putting the plan into words gives you and your PAC something to reference and use to measure your progress along the way.

The final step is to act. Knowing what you want to achieve and writing it down is very important, but they are both pointless is you don’t act now. There is no better time than the present. The sooner you start working towards a goal the sooner you achieve it.

Business Plan
Business Plan

Click here for a free business plan template.


A couple other things to keep in mind when writing a business plan is what solution does your business provide for the customers? What pain are you able to fix for those around you?

Also, who are you able to help? What age group, what community, what educational background? All those questions and more are a great way to start with your persona.


Thank you for tuning in and learning how to start writing your business plan!

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