Jump Start Key Development Skills

Adaptive Leadership


Make sure that your company profits from sending participants to Key Development Skills (KDS) to develop soft skills. In this session, relate the KDS topics to the role and responsibilities of your organization’s employees. Attend a free 90-minute Adaptive Leadership Orientation. Prepare to help the proposals and action plans of the participants as they bring them back to work into motion. Walk through work tools to facilitate productive and impactful follow-up conversations. Leave the team to decide what professional habits to track, and be sure that Key Development Skills will add value.



Mastering Communication 


Communication drives interaction within the workplace. Get more purposeful over communication as a technical skill in this session. Tune in and compare your own communication style to that of your colleagues, managers, and customers. Learn how to adapt your strategy and achieve the best results. Understand what to do correctly in managing in-person, printed, and digital interactions in order to minimize conflict and improve productivity; Leave on as a high-performing employee with groundbreaking ways of communicating with those at work and contributing.



What It Means To Be Professional 


A true professional is one who provides their organization additional value. Review  your professionalism against best practices at this session. Learn how to affect colleagues and customers in a constructive way, respond to diversity and adapt to numerous professional environments. Understand how feedback can be used to enhance results, and be perceived as a problem solver. You have new tools at the end of the session which will help you contribute to a safe and productive workplace.



Applying Productive Decision-Making & Goal-Setting Tools


Organizations respect individuals who make considerate choices and set purposeful goals. Find a 6-step procedure in this session to make informed decisions about the job. Train writing plans, and be able to execute a development and progress action plan. Through knowing the evolving and shaping pattern principles, you’ll take greater control of your goals. Step forward, understanding how to make your passions worthwhile both individually and professionally.



Leading Through Change 


Workplace stressors provide incentives for rethinking your reactions and behaviors. Identify problems in your professional life in this session, and what will lead to them. Adopt techniques for predicting challenges before they happen, such as positive approach and what-if thinking. Grow your emotional intelligence for improving interactions with colleagues, superiors and clients. Explore how caring for your own self impacts your career path and professionalism. Leave with a plan of action that promotes resilience to the demands of the workplace.



Understanding 5-Star Service Culture 


Cross-generational and multicultural workplaces are the technical practice today. Assess your customer-centeredness in this session, and learn how to preserve and strengthen trust. Expand communication skills to support internal and external customers equally well through the use of technology. Learn measures to restore and improve customer loyalty. Ready to have technical excellence in customer service regardless of title or industry. 



Remaining Connected In Conflict 


Good communication in the workplace is of utmost priority, due to the burden of deadlines and everyday stressors. This workshop is built for company and organizational workers and will discuss best practices in written and oral communication for your professional environment. Examine why organizational issues are so frequently embedded in miscommunication. Discus conflict management, understanding and implementation of ways to improve communication when addressing organizational problems. Leave well-versed communications techniques that have proven to streamline efficiency and promote sense of community in your team and organization.



Coaching to Capacity 


A great coach will inspire a team to turn acceptable into exceptional. Through this course take the opportunity to analyze your own theory of coaching. To reflect about your leadership style complete a self-assessment. Observe and apply coaching strategies best suited to your style. Take away approaches that mesh best practices in leadership with your particular personality and current methods in management. Leave ready to inspire people to become creative and dedicated team leaders.




Management Styles: Valuing Employees & Reducing Turnover 


Employees who leave their jobs voluntarily often say that their departure is due to a lack of substantive contact and approval from their employers. This workshop, intended for managers, administrators and other leadership positions, will concentrate on how to recognize and accept opportunities to demonstrate the staff and their contributions to the company. Step away with an action plan to improve employee loyalty, which in effect aims to reduce the company’s turnover.



Next Steps in Cultural Competency 


Equip yourself to consult with others. This specialized course is tailored for individuals with prior experience and expertise and will move the understanding of cultural competency to the next level. Participate in immersive exercises to demonstrate cultural modesty and learn strategies which are culturally sensitive. Leave with practical skills to be regularly present in your encounters with people from different backgrounds and be successful.